Crucifixion - 2013/10/11

We are pulled in multiple directions,
By the thugs at either end of our rope.
Fools on either side dutifully worship,
Their tepid master as if he were a pope.

They bicker and scream tossing epithets,
Fencing with the words of the unevolved.
Inevitably the masses do enter the fray,
Or try to escape by staying uninvolved.

Yet there can be no escape from our hell,
The flames of which are fueled by insanity.
Pray, tithe, cry and chant all you please,
As the idea of heaven is one of mad vanity.

If you are distressed spare us your tears,
For such helpless emotion has no place here.
We are the few and the proud who see truth,
And refuse to accept their lies out of fear.

Look close as the foundation is weakening,
Even as the roof threatens to crush us all.
Though you believe that God shall save you,
He will just be the first against the wall.

Those storm clouds waiting on the horizon,
Care not which legion you foolishly serve.
As we all are destined to suffer greatly,
When those in power get what they deserve.

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