Enigma - 2013/10/01

This tale is about a girl whose name you do know.
I fell head over heels for her early on in life.
We concocted such elaborate plans for our future.
Some claim our ignorance was luxurious and rife.
Together we knew we could surmount any obstacle.
While alone we would only battle unending strife.

I am unable to recall the precise day it happened.
Yet I admit it to end all the pain and tribulation.
Sometime later on in life our persuasions changed.
After our happiness had toppled out of circulation.
For it took both of us so very long to realize it,
Which birthed many years of needless frustration.

The tales that they told me as a child were lovely,
As sunlight illuminating roses on a midsummer day.
Looking back I can now understand how they skewed,
Allowing me to look at you in a very different way.
You are cruel, ugly and entrap better men than me,
Because wealth alone determines with whom you lay.

What we had was an illusion fermented in my mind.
A lie told to keep from sharing the horrible facts.
You are the whore who tries to enslaves her master.
Opening him up to all sorts of treacherous attacks.
When I confronted you with all my hard revelations,
Only then did I notice puss oozing from your cracks.

Not only are you limping but you are crumbling fast,
A crucible balanced upon a miracle that cannot last.
Yet you refused to acknowledge every heartfelt plea.
You would not even acknowledge that you ever knew me.
Most wings once touched, never leave the cold ground.
But I now embrace a future where you are not around.

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