Impasse - 2013/10/14

Got crazy smiles stitched on long faces,
Senile fucks can't figure out shoelaces.
Giving press conferences for mongoloids,
Are those age spots or just hemorrhoids?
Nobody knows cause reality aint in play,
Who knows what they will fuck up today!

Both sides share gang colors like twins,
Red, white and blue on cheap lapel pins.
Always jabbing without trying to listen,
All part of the shadow game for position.
They sit idle and fall back on tradition,
Rather than reverse their decomposition.

If you are feeling just a bit frustrated,
Just imagine any of them being perforated.
Though squeezing until their big eyes pop,
Ensures another maggot will reach the top.
Whatever smells rotten is very likely dead,
Even that imaginary nation within our head.

Show up at the polls and cast their ballot,
You may as well be beat with a damn mallet.
If you cant find the sucker at your table,
Then you are living within a fucking fable.
Because without another volunteer my dear,
The current official sucker is you I fear.

Are you poor, broke, helpless or in need?
They will sacrifice you out of pure greed.
Do you still have faith the system works?
Not so when it is raped by corrupt jerks.
Are you ready to sit down and share tea?
It's laced with poison why can't you see?

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