We the Comatose - 2013/10/17

This morning a voice beckons from the haze,
Is it a mudslinger or a victim of our raze?
Both are stark raving mad and spewing hate,
Labeling us as crazy masters of their fate.

Such lazy and slovenly people you seem to be.
This is the world you created, why blame me?
The hands of your ancestors harvested power,
Within it's grace their children did shower.

Are your memories so tenuous or do you deny,
That you must use your wings in order to fly?
No wind shall swoop down and help you ascend,
Believing otherwise shall lead to a dead end.

Scoff if you will but the world does not care,
Ask the innocent dying each day if it is fair.
In your split level homes inebriated and dying,
Dare you claim that we are the only ones lying?

Children believe that politics shapes culture,
Those who absolve themselves play the vulture.
If we all have been granted the power to rule,
Why are we as a nation so unbelievably cruel?

Go on punching the ticket once every few years,
Support a system that just feeds on your fears.
Spew your vitriol at me if thats what you want,
But the guilt you have buried will still haunt.

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