Father Charon - 2013/11/21

Two coins is my fare good sir,
Only then shall I ferry you across.
Ignore those who choose to stay,
As eternal bliss is worth any cost.
Take all you desire with you,
Anything left behind shall be lost.

So you want to know what awaits?
You'll soon see it all for yourself.
Be easy for you will soon meet,
Long lost friends in perfect health.
For although you now own nothing,
There will soon be infinite wealth.

On my honor as a gentleman alone,
Our agreement is like a sacred vow.
I ferry you across the darkness,
For now you are my own sacred cow.
Recall that you solemnly agreed,
To forget all you knew before now.

Alas the few lights are snuffed,
For we have entered the underworld.
The way back is now forever shut,
It is time for truth to be unfurled.
The paradise I promised you before,
Is a hell into which you were hurled.

Please it is time to disembark,
Fresh faces await on the far shore.
Do not dare claim you were tricked,
That is a tactic that I quite abhor.
You wanted something for nothing,
Reality is what you chose to ignore.


Bloody Quills - 2013/11/17

Like a merry-go-round spinning in hell,
It seems that things are not going well.
Once again unto the breach down the pit,
Do any of you try to truly give a shit?

I speak this way because it defines me,
Vocabulary precedes cold weakness, see?
Forget the words spitting from my lips,
Instead watch all the invisible blips.

They bounce around as if to some tune,
Played by a fucking deaf and dumb loon.
Are they high or is there a disconnect?
Lets call out a perfection not so erect.

Spare me your platitudes and indignation,
This is a not some game, it is our nation.
Cry your eyes shut so I can pry them open,
You are ready for truth or so I am hoping.

Welcome to a vicious cycle, it is our cell,
Your arrival was heralded with a great bell.
That rang incessantly all fucking year long,
Asking us to murder you no matter how wrong.

Drink the poison coursing through our veins,
Become one with our misery insight and pains.
It is never too late to be part of something,
Whether it is hope or of the horrors we sing.


Space Seed - 2013/11/16

Derelicts as far as the eye can see,
Within a millennium they will be dust.
Dead, dying and subsequently expunged,
Ancient empires were not quite robust.
Much later our distant genetic progeny,
Shall subsist by breathing their rust.

Even the aged breathe for but a moment,
Giving their descendants this new pain.
Books of official historical accounts,
Dare not survive long enough to explain.
Why the tears of yesteryear will evolve,
Into the horror of modern day acid rain.

Time is the sieve on an enclosed track,
What filtered through once shall again.
Simply disregard the specifics of each,
It is never less than a matter of when.
No matter how stoically fools struggle,
They shall depart from us now and then.

Come back they shall but after we leave,
Hanging just out of reach of perception.
Never believe that you can escape this,
That is the ultimate in self deception.
Just see that the most terrible ending,
Is in and of itself a way to inception.


Teetering - 2013/11/08

In one moment they defend it to the death,
This lie that compels every single breath.
Then in the next before we even realized,
They surprised all of us and apologized.

What inspired this sudden change of heart,
Is it because their plan is falling apart?
Whatever the case our eyes refuse to focus,
Scanning for the source of the hocus pocus.

Hands creep to the holsters ready to fire,
Ready to return to the reality of the liar.
Even on the brink of a future in the void,
Nobody dares to resurrect what we destroyed.

One slip and together we all shall tumble,
Yet recognizing it may disturb our rumble.
Yet there it was wafting on a dying breeze,
A twig from one of the extinct olive trees.

The sky above is now spewing something foul,
While the beasts underground steadily growl.
Is this more trickery or an honest attempt,
To rise above the fray and ignore contempt?

Yet in the final second when all seems lost,
One extraordinary soul sees the actual cost.
He extends a hand which then clasps another,
So longtime enemies can be fervent brothers.


Puppet Strings - 2013/11/02

Embrace your beast while its arms beckon,
If it compels you now is the time I reckon.
Stare long to see a sultry look in its eye,
And piss in the wind rather than query why.

Later when consequences show you no mercy,
All shall gossip about you being so pursy.
But don't fret my friend, live in the now,
Only tomorrow shall the world whisper wow!

Pop one right after another wherever it goes,
When will the lunacy end, who the hell knows?
All I know is that there are stories to tell,
No matter how we make our way to a fiery hell.

Be sure my friend, this is no laughing matter,
As one life expires in the resulting splatter.
But I shall take your side and raise my glass,
Even as you end this meal by showing your ass.

I am just an enabler, the devil on your side?
What kind of monster forced you on this ride?
As one complicit in these deeds I cannot judge,
But that cannot keep you from holding a grudge.

These thoughts breed within my head tonight,
No amount of indulgence shall make it right.
Yet while no amount of penance will derive,
I am confident that I myself shall survive.