Father Charon - 2013/11/21

Two coins is my fare good sir,
Only then shall I ferry you across.
Ignore those who choose to stay,
As eternal bliss is worth any cost.
Take all you desire with you,
Anything left behind shall be lost.

So you want to know what awaits?
You'll soon see it all for yourself.
Be easy for you will soon meet,
Long lost friends in perfect health.
For although you now own nothing,
There will soon be infinite wealth.

On my honor as a gentleman alone,
Our agreement is like a sacred vow.
I ferry you across the darkness,
For now you are my own sacred cow.
Recall that you solemnly agreed,
To forget all you knew before now.

Alas the few lights are snuffed,
For we have entered the underworld.
The way back is now forever shut,
It is time for truth to be unfurled.
The paradise I promised you before,
Is a hell into which you were hurled.

Please it is time to disembark,
Fresh faces await on the far shore.
Do not dare claim you were tricked,
That is a tactic that I quite abhor.
You wanted something for nothing,
Reality is what you chose to ignore.

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