Puppet Strings - 2013/11/02

Embrace your beast while its arms beckon,
If it compels you now is the time I reckon.
Stare long to see a sultry look in its eye,
And piss in the wind rather than query why.

Later when consequences show you no mercy,
All shall gossip about you being so pursy.
But don't fret my friend, live in the now,
Only tomorrow shall the world whisper wow!

Pop one right after another wherever it goes,
When will the lunacy end, who the hell knows?
All I know is that there are stories to tell,
No matter how we make our way to a fiery hell.

Be sure my friend, this is no laughing matter,
As one life expires in the resulting splatter.
But I shall take your side and raise my glass,
Even as you end this meal by showing your ass.

I am just an enabler, the devil on your side?
What kind of monster forced you on this ride?
As one complicit in these deeds I cannot judge,
But that cannot keep you from holding a grudge.

These thoughts breed within my head tonight,
No amount of indulgence shall make it right.
Yet while no amount of penance will derive,
I am confident that I myself shall survive.

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