Space Seed - 2013/11/16

Derelicts as far as the eye can see,
Within a millennium they will be dust.
Dead, dying and subsequently expunged,
Ancient empires were not quite robust.
Much later our distant genetic progeny,
Shall subsist by breathing their rust.

Even the aged breathe for but a moment,
Giving their descendants this new pain.
Books of official historical accounts,
Dare not survive long enough to explain.
Why the tears of yesteryear will evolve,
Into the horror of modern day acid rain.

Time is the sieve on an enclosed track,
What filtered through once shall again.
Simply disregard the specifics of each,
It is never less than a matter of when.
No matter how stoically fools struggle,
They shall depart from us now and then.

Come back they shall but after we leave,
Hanging just out of reach of perception.
Never believe that you can escape this,
That is the ultimate in self deception.
Just see that the most terrible ending,
Is in and of itself a way to inception.

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