Teetering - 2013/11/08

In one moment they defend it to the death,
This lie that compels every single breath.
Then in the next before we even realized,
They surprised all of us and apologized.

What inspired this sudden change of heart,
Is it because their plan is falling apart?
Whatever the case our eyes refuse to focus,
Scanning for the source of the hocus pocus.

Hands creep to the holsters ready to fire,
Ready to return to the reality of the liar.
Even on the brink of a future in the void,
Nobody dares to resurrect what we destroyed.

One slip and together we all shall tumble,
Yet recognizing it may disturb our rumble.
Yet there it was wafting on a dying breeze,
A twig from one of the extinct olive trees.

The sky above is now spewing something foul,
While the beasts underground steadily growl.
Is this more trickery or an honest attempt,
To rise above the fray and ignore contempt?

Yet in the final second when all seems lost,
One extraordinary soul sees the actual cost.
He extends a hand which then clasps another,
So longtime enemies can be fervent brothers.

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