Unhinged - 2013/12/28

Child in the haze,
Caught up in it's own raze.
Observe a lonely mage,
Consumed by pointless rage.

Venom waits on lips,
From its teeth poison drips.
Smiling with aggression,
It subsists on obsession.

Rabid it seems to be,
When it tries to assault me.
Friendly is its cover,
To change to foe from lover.

It is sick and dying,
Some claim I am just lying.
While the child weeps,
The adult imprisoned sleeps.

Can this era ever end,
While the brat still depends?
How far shall we bend,
For actions we cannot defend?


Duckless Dynasty - 2013/12/19

Check out the bearded hicks,
Dancing for your pleasure on film.
Making duck calls for apes,
Who kill ducks on a primitive whim.

He and his family made it big,
Selling shit nobody will ever use.
We found he defends mad bigotry,
How the hell is any of this news?

Everybody shores up defenses,
As the head beard is suddenly canned.
One wonders if the drama is for,
Some free PR and intricately planned.

Ignore that it does not matter,
Because they just want you to converse.
By giving them any attention,
You encourage something more perverse.

This is the trap set by relics,
Who wish to battle you on their terms.
They want a soap box from which,
The world will spread their vile germs.

So you all now have a choice,
Will you continue to do their work?
Or will you subsist content,
That you may still watch whores twerk?


Separation Anxiety - 2013/12/16

There is a fire flickering behind me,
Some mystical illusion wrought on LCD.
Just one wonder in a menagerie of lies,
Burden of which we shall never relieve.

Voices whisper beckoning me to act out,
Am I insane or is it a technical blunder?
For I am unable to shut down and tune out,
As I have not found a home six feet under.

Sleep is for luddites that lack a charger,
The greatest networks simply do not sleep.
Disconnected and lacking a creative spark,
If we knew each other we would surely weep.

Each vessel is a nation unto themselves,
Incapable of denying the will of the group.
No matter what they believe they stand for,
They live their lives exiled from the loop.

Pity these fools who form a dying society,
They are symptoms of an incurable disease.
Where we have no bonds upon which to rely,
And every individual does as they please.


Lord Damned - 2013/12/15

At the end of the hall I can hear a knocking,
And I watch all the souls I know go flocking.
What unspeakable horrors do await them there,
Who am I to say or even just pretend to care?

Their motives and their moves concern me not,
All it does it contribute to the bulging rot.
Here in my cocoon I am removed from the pain,
Fighting to rebuild the tendrils of my reign.

I dare not lead but I expect people to follow,
By accepting whatever it is they must swallow.
For those are the terms of membership I offer,
Damn the elite and the wisdom they do proffer.

Yet I do draw the fools who cannot understand,
While they beat each other and defile my land.
Intellect layeth bricks on their road to hell,
As truth and they do not know each other well.

A foot competes by trying to outrun the other,
Trampling even people who were once a brother.
Lemming is the word most apt to describe them,
They commit the very acts they should condemn.

Fear those who subsist on this dying delusion,
For they live in a fantasy driven by illusion.
Do you see my actual visage lingers in prison,
As this world is a nightmare not of my vision?


Head On - 2013/12/12

A starless night descends upon a quiet world
Allowing the creatures of the night to taste
A piece of the extinct solitude and serenity
Which has been sacrificed in pointless haste
This unspoken pact will oh so soon be broken
By dreams of violence with which it is laced

Armies of fools dance around pillars of flame
Chanting in tongues of heathens long cast out
Claws adorn fingers and knives fill the hands
Now plans are made to mow down the few devout
Obese fools in tweed armed with ocular devices
Waste their time arguing what it is all about

Masses on the march the balance of power ends
Individuals find a grasp to match their reach
Figureheads in power attempt to deflect doom
By giving another of many a pointless speech
While the instigators shed their dark cloaks
Ascending to be Gods as they publicly preach

In a brief moment the world has now collapsed
Yet a possibility of hope lies on the horizon
Even those who steadfastly resisted evolution
Are now ever hastily and intricately devising
For this is a age of the connected malcontent
In which chaos is sown and instinct is rising


Hustler - 2013/12/10

Your goals are not known to me,
Nor the minions under your command.
When questioned you respond with rhetoric,
Which threatens the solace we have at hand.

Your face is etched with a grin,
After leaving behind laughing matters.
You wave your banner du jour fervently,
Ignoring the fact it is clearly in tatters.

Your eyes wide shut you cry havoc,
And let slip the dogs of your torpor.
If you are not willing to lift a finger,
What the hell is this eternal battle for?

Your mind suffers from disconnect,
Even as your mouth fires off a volley.
My own ethics be damned for I do dream,
Of being able to document your fatal folly.

Your deficiencies are not unique,
Regardless each day they chip away.
In this bedlam for second rate crooks,
Is there any justice card left to play?

Your character is known by most,
Whispers precede all your appearances.
The lowly audience knows your failures,
Ever diligently sharing their experiences.


Avert Thy Eyes - 2013/12/03

I want to know what lies beyond,
Those stars which beckon my eyes.
It appears that only in the void,
Will I find the answer to my whys.

Each day I face the awful truth,
On Earth nobody dares contemplate.
And here I reside in this prison,
Dreaming of a day I can innovate.

The leaders wielding all the power,
Got baubles they are unable to use.
Always willing to stomp on anybody,
Worthy enough to suffer from abuse.

Tied up and left to simmer all day,
They believe their problems solved.
Never mind that a cancer is growing,
One upon which their misery revolves.

I want to grasp them by the wrist,
And explain it all in simple words.
But I know that to do so will mean,
I am no longer part of their herds.

Perhaps it is time to face the truth,
That nirvana is but a childlike dream.
As the world is run by infantile fools,
Who are doomed to fail or so it seems.