Avert Thy Eyes - 2013/12/03

I want to know what lies beyond,
Those stars which beckon my eyes.
It appears that only in the void,
Will I find the answer to my whys.

Each day I face the awful truth,
On Earth nobody dares contemplate.
And here I reside in this prison,
Dreaming of a day I can innovate.

The leaders wielding all the power,
Got baubles they are unable to use.
Always willing to stomp on anybody,
Worthy enough to suffer from abuse.

Tied up and left to simmer all day,
They believe their problems solved.
Never mind that a cancer is growing,
One upon which their misery revolves.

I want to grasp them by the wrist,
And explain it all in simple words.
But I know that to do so will mean,
I am no longer part of their herds.

Perhaps it is time to face the truth,
That nirvana is but a childlike dream.
As the world is run by infantile fools,
Who are doomed to fail or so it seems.

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