Duckless Dynasty - 2013/12/19

Check out the bearded hicks,
Dancing for your pleasure on film.
Making duck calls for apes,
Who kill ducks on a primitive whim.

He and his family made it big,
Selling shit nobody will ever use.
We found he defends mad bigotry,
How the hell is any of this news?

Everybody shores up defenses,
As the head beard is suddenly canned.
One wonders if the drama is for,
Some free PR and intricately planned.

Ignore that it does not matter,
Because they just want you to converse.
By giving them any attention,
You encourage something more perverse.

This is the trap set by relics,
Who wish to battle you on their terms.
They want a soap box from which,
The world will spread their vile germs.

So you all now have a choice,
Will you continue to do their work?
Or will you subsist content,
That you may still watch whores twerk?

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