Head On - 2013/12/12

A starless night descends upon a quiet world
Allowing the creatures of the night to taste
A piece of the extinct solitude and serenity
Which has been sacrificed in pointless haste
This unspoken pact will oh so soon be broken
By dreams of violence with which it is laced

Armies of fools dance around pillars of flame
Chanting in tongues of heathens long cast out
Claws adorn fingers and knives fill the hands
Now plans are made to mow down the few devout
Obese fools in tweed armed with ocular devices
Waste their time arguing what it is all about

Masses on the march the balance of power ends
Individuals find a grasp to match their reach
Figureheads in power attempt to deflect doom
By giving another of many a pointless speech
While the instigators shed their dark cloaks
Ascending to be Gods as they publicly preach

In a brief moment the world has now collapsed
Yet a possibility of hope lies on the horizon
Even those who steadfastly resisted evolution
Are now ever hastily and intricately devising
For this is a age of the connected malcontent
In which chaos is sown and instinct is rising

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