Lord Damned - 2013/12/15

At the end of the hall I can hear a knocking,
And I watch all the souls I know go flocking.
What unspeakable horrors do await them there,
Who am I to say or even just pretend to care?

Their motives and their moves concern me not,
All it does it contribute to the bulging rot.
Here in my cocoon I am removed from the pain,
Fighting to rebuild the tendrils of my reign.

I dare not lead but I expect people to follow,
By accepting whatever it is they must swallow.
For those are the terms of membership I offer,
Damn the elite and the wisdom they do proffer.

Yet I do draw the fools who cannot understand,
While they beat each other and defile my land.
Intellect layeth bricks on their road to hell,
As truth and they do not know each other well.

A foot competes by trying to outrun the other,
Trampling even people who were once a brother.
Lemming is the word most apt to describe them,
They commit the very acts they should condemn.

Fear those who subsist on this dying delusion,
For they live in a fantasy driven by illusion.
Do you see my actual visage lingers in prison,
As this world is a nightmare not of my vision?

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