Separation Anxiety - 2013/12/16

There is a fire flickering behind me,
Some mystical illusion wrought on LCD.
Just one wonder in a menagerie of lies,
Burden of which we shall never relieve.

Voices whisper beckoning me to act out,
Am I insane or is it a technical blunder?
For I am unable to shut down and tune out,
As I have not found a home six feet under.

Sleep is for luddites that lack a charger,
The greatest networks simply do not sleep.
Disconnected and lacking a creative spark,
If we knew each other we would surely weep.

Each vessel is a nation unto themselves,
Incapable of denying the will of the group.
No matter what they believe they stand for,
They live their lives exiled from the loop.

Pity these fools who form a dying society,
They are symptoms of an incurable disease.
Where we have no bonds upon which to rely,
And every individual does as they please.

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