Everlasting Penance - 2014/12/02

A forlorn wind blows
It tells of terrible things to come
While we choke on dust
Lets recall the world is but a crumb

Beyond this tempest
Which blows with a fury we disregard
Lies an entire universe
Which cares not whether life is hard

Be a reed in the wind
Resistance is the battle cry of fools
Do not bend far enough
To join with the legions of poor tools

Exist outside the system
Which pillages those who are oblivious
Resist acquiring power
That drives others to become lascivious

Before the tale concludes
Join me in hoping for a new tomorrow
Free of pointless battles
Which only bring us endless sorrow


Carvers - 2014/09/21

Stale and suffocated they serve as the voyeurs,
Their eyes hopelessly drawn to the centerpiece.
Claws unsheathed flanking lips dripping in lust,
They claim the soul for which they have a lease.

Darkened hallways flicker with turmoil abound,
At this moment a great chase chooses to begin.
Battle they may to keep the truth buried deep,
Parts carelessly penetrate the manicured spin.

Yet there is no prize here anybody can claim,
For the cage is empty and its prisoner freed.
If they weren't so concerned with the feeding,
They could focus on the sustenance they need.

Alas this is not reality so the game is afoot,
Players in motion quite unaware of the script.
If you want to mourn their aggressive battle,
You need only realize their world has flipped.


Heroine - 2014/09/13

She beckons me in ways you cannot understand,
Inspiring attempts to escape a life so bland.
Perched on the sidelines they judge my actions,
Yet they themselves are guilty of infractions.

So she is the heroine and center of our tale,
Without her this attempt to escape will fail.
Each day I breathe her in and I am refreshed,
Even as my world grows ever more distressed.

She injects her fresh life into my dying veins,
Washing away my concern for problems and pains.
With blinders on I strap myself in for the ride,
Preparing to embrace the cocoon in which I hide.

If only you could all experience her as I do,
Other people might wonder what came over you.
Is it any surprise you believe I am on heroin,
When all I did was finally capture my heroine?

Sunlight peeks through the windows unwelcome,
Breaching my senses like a never ending drum.
Fix the blinds and continue to act contrived,
Supplies for the next bender finally arrived.


Fossils - 2014/08/16

Wearied fellows laid down their arms,
Rather than face a cruel autumn ahead.
Victims and survivors together toasted,
In remembrance of all those now dead.

Many words pass amongst the attendees,
Yet they do not convey understanding.
For they all only showed their faces,
Because being alone was too demanding.

Doors will unlock and borders will open,
The trespassed welcome their trespassers.
Though all clutch their old derringers,
In case the caterers turn into gassers.

Some have grimaces etched upon the face,
While others smile or act coldly stoic.
Though they all are asking the question,
Why didn't they do anything more heroic?

They played their parts like marionettes,
Built by Lucifer who grasped the strings.
Acting out of their illusionary volition,
Whether they be peasants, vassals or kings.

Paper over the deep seated little hatreds,
That is what they all will inevitably do.
Until the fated dreadful day comes along,
When it becomes the thing they cannot do.


Where Art Thou? - 2014/06/04

There stands a man unknown,
Proud that he has been reborn.
Unaware that amidst the ruins,
Survivors regard him with scorn.

In this moment he is complete,
Yet the hand he holds is a myth.
Though they both decided to leap,
He alone will fall from the cliff.

Even the truth he knows is lost,
He desperately clings to a dream.
Yet his subconscious surely knows,
None of this is truly as it seems.

He invoked the word of God,
In a quest to justify debauchery.
Though the audience voted against,
We know that this is not democracy.

Shadows sit here holding hands,
Around a wreath of fallen stars.
To watch him rend himself asunder,
Burying the pain in booze and cigars.

He is a man without any past,
For he has rewritten his story.
Yet those who remain are fickle,
Ever trying to lead him from glory.

Though I could reach out,
He would recoil from my touch.
For he believes this is a battle,
Yet nobody stands to gain very much.


Harry Harry - 2014/05/23

Harry Harry quite contrary,
Sits alone on his deck today.
Hoping death will soon arrive,
To snatch his miserable life away.

Harry Harry quite optimistic,
Trotting over freshly cut grass.
Desperately seeking any shade,
Though in this sun it cannot last.

Harry Harry quite exhausted,
Always planning for his demise.
He prefers to dream of a future,
Bereft of disappointment and lies.

Harry Harry quite annoyed,
It is noon and life ebbs on.
Heaven's greeting will feel forced,
As half the day is apparently gone.

Harry Harry quite content,
Passed out because of heat.
His quest slowly nears its end,
For his tenacity cannot be beat.

Harry Harry quite overjoyed,
He is dying one day at a time.
But really how does that differ,
From anybody enjoying this rhyme?


Sayonara - 2014/04/29

The world around appears to be crumbling,
Petals of poison waft past on the breeze.
Inanimate objects I once believed I loved,
Now appear immune to my loud insane pleas.

What comes next I am no longer able to say,
Words emanate from an orifice I call mouth.
Like you I am simply a ride-share hostage,
Forced to watch the world I know go south.

Screw the circumstances and the miscreants,
For today the world may perish in a flash.
We neither bat an eye nor try to respond,
As one we loved makes his way to the ash.

A piece of what made me whole is now lost,
Cast aloft into a limbo of infinite expanse.
Such emptiness and pain cannot be expressed,
With infantile complaints and vengeful rants.

If you are a kindred spirit then you realize,
Loss is painful regardless of external merit.
If only this life was just a simple tapestry,
Able to be repaired as quickly as we tear it.


Fool's Fog - 2014/04/21

It began with rays of sunlight breaking mist,
Perverting existence in too many ways to list.
Solid and secure our footing is now so shaky,
Even the behavior of allies has turned flaky.
Chaos reigns now regardless of cautious words,
Which create trauma rather than soothing herds.

Faces abound all of them holding a hard grudge,
Not a single mother fucker is willing to budge.
Weapons in hands or on tongues changes nothing,
As its clear that not a one of them is bluffing.
Caught within the tendrils I watch it entranced,
I am another piece of prey that has been lanced.

Blood sputters and spews but the pain persists,
As ropes of your captivity slice into my wrists.
Head in the clouds you barely register reality,
Which amounts to anything less than a fatality.
Free you think you are, yet a new prison awaits,
For fools cannot escape their predestined fates.

I can only hope that misery finds you my friend,
Before I am forced to ardently stand and defend.
Tears of your regret shall fuel my resurrection,
After my universe is cleansed of your infection.
In the end the chaos you create for us will pass,
Though you yourself will never be able to outlast.


Rotten Core - 2014/03/25

Jesters beckon chuckling all along the way,
Yet they know not what it is that they say.
Words of reason fall upon their deaf ears,
For no logic can overcome these old fears.
There we sit face to face yet a world away,
As this is a part I no longer wish to play.

High level thinkers not interested in tact,
Immune to every distribution of basic fact.
Yet here they are pulling on frayed strings,
Unaware of consequences wastefulness brings.
How does one explain that their end is here,
When the dogs in power don't anywhere near?

Their words are like weapons they cannot use,
And goodwill offered by others is now abused.
Their ideas are as children without genitals,
Yet they name them generals with many medals.
Their world is one that I shall never access,
For this is a sickness that I cannot address.

Now I sit here transfixed by their disaster,
While each day the descent goes a bit faster.
As the truth becomes less and less deniable,
The power we know becomes even more defiable.
So that when the inevitable end is unleashed,
As our equals their power will have ceased.


Spindles - 2014/03/02

Creatures interconnected through every event,
Live in ignorance maintaining false pretense.
Trace webs with a thousand spindles reaching,
Into brave new worlds not ready for breaching.
From outside life it is a beautiful paradigm,
Inside it deceives by hiding all the sublime.

At the slightest provocation we try to plot,
The destruction of the peace we were taught.
Appreciation of what came before is fleeting,
Especially when the drums of war are beating.
Even now we are still able to easily observe,
A distaste for all our ancestors did preserve.

Life was but a speck to be wiped out by will,
While it was an enemy's blood that did spill.
Never mind what collateral damage we incurred,
On the sad road to victory we were undeterred.
From heaven the flames of perdition were laid,
The idea of hell on earth is clearly man made.

Even now I can feel as they drink their pain,
Fighting to win with strength always in vain.
This insanity can end with one simple choice,
Though requires a bold and impassioned voice.
Or shall the starving dogs of war take hold,
To break our world in a way fools call bold?


Mirage - 2014/02/18

It's gleaming on the distant hazy horizon,
Announcing it's presence to all who stare.
It does not bother to request permission,
As the act of gazing is evidence you care.

The mind twists and turns with possibility,
Might it be the chalice that I still seek?
Once in awhile we almost resolve to set out,
Until the world reminds us that we are weak.

Damn the downers who would dare and deflate,
This hope and promise inherit in the future.
Instead of watching it roll over and expire,
Perhaps they could help me sew up my suture.

Delusions aside the horizon beckons to us,
To take the first step on a very long path.
All the while urging us to absolve and slay,
Those who choose to respond with their wrath.

We leave and march past the ranks of judges,
Gavels in hand ready to smash lovely dreams.
Yet they stay motionless for they are aware,
A hard reality is bursting through the seams.


Terminal - 2014/02/17

There slowly bleeding out on the floor,
Some claim she was nothing but a whore.
Dead to rights it was a tale forgotten,
Forged by harriers terrible and rotten.

I remember a time in which she was great,
In which we had no need to try and inflate.
Hand on my heart each morning I made a vow,
That I gaze back on today and wonder "How?"

I seek truth behind the tendrils of a tale,
That fails to relay how greatness can fail.
No scholar still delves into the who or why,
Just the reason that we are letting her die.

Desperate to love her but deaf to her cries,
We sit back in the decay and utter our lies.
Choking to death on dust of a rising rubble,
Dead to all except whatever bursts the bubble.

Waste your tears on her if you are inclined,
Our lack of action is how we will be defined.
Historians may not live long enough to write,
Though the evidence shall beckon every night.


Spiraling - 2014/02/16

Sun rises over the ridge,
Light blinds our wayward eyes.
Even as the creeping darkness,
Turns historical facts into lies.

Street lights abound distract,
From the new technical reality.
Religious stupidity reinforces,
Society's approaching fatality.

Truth is up for debate each day,
Soothsayers are losing the battle.
Those of us in the know sit back,
Awaiting a predictable death rattle.

Tears once shed have since dried,
Thoughts of desolation now the norm.
Our grasp on reality is so tenuous,
We are ready to welcome your storm.

Lives built on the backs of slaves,
Are destined to eventually collapse.
They believe that they are immune,
From falling into documented traps.

History and science are optional,
Critical thinking is now a crime.
As myths fail to come to fruition,
Fools say tomorrow will be the time.

Our education has summarily failed,
Their mythical Gods will never save.
Welcome to a world ready to collapse,
Face reality to join the few so brave.