Mirage - 2014/02/18

It's gleaming on the distant hazy horizon,
Announcing it's presence to all who stare.
It does not bother to request permission,
As the act of gazing is evidence you care.

The mind twists and turns with possibility,
Might it be the chalice that I still seek?
Once in awhile we almost resolve to set out,
Until the world reminds us that we are weak.

Damn the downers who would dare and deflate,
This hope and promise inherit in the future.
Instead of watching it roll over and expire,
Perhaps they could help me sew up my suture.

Delusions aside the horizon beckons to us,
To take the first step on a very long path.
All the while urging us to absolve and slay,
Those who choose to respond with their wrath.

We leave and march past the ranks of judges,
Gavels in hand ready to smash lovely dreams.
Yet they stay motionless for they are aware,
A hard reality is bursting through the seams.

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