Spiraling - 2014/02/16

Sun rises over the ridge,
Light blinds our wayward eyes.
Even as the creeping darkness,
Turns historical facts into lies.

Street lights abound distract,
From the new technical reality.
Religious stupidity reinforces,
Society's approaching fatality.

Truth is up for debate each day,
Soothsayers are losing the battle.
Those of us in the know sit back,
Awaiting a predictable death rattle.

Tears once shed have since dried,
Thoughts of desolation now the norm.
Our grasp on reality is so tenuous,
We are ready to welcome your storm.

Lives built on the backs of slaves,
Are destined to eventually collapse.
They believe that they are immune,
From falling into documented traps.

History and science are optional,
Critical thinking is now a crime.
As myths fail to come to fruition,
Fools say tomorrow will be the time.

Our education has summarily failed,
Their mythical Gods will never save.
Welcome to a world ready to collapse,
Face reality to join the few so brave.

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