Spindles - 2014/03/02

Creatures interconnected through every event,
Live in ignorance maintaining false pretense.
Trace webs with a thousand spindles reaching,
Into brave new worlds not ready for breaching.
From outside life it is a beautiful paradigm,
Inside it deceives by hiding all the sublime.

At the slightest provocation we try to plot,
The destruction of the peace we were taught.
Appreciation of what came before is fleeting,
Especially when the drums of war are beating.
Even now we are still able to easily observe,
A distaste for all our ancestors did preserve.

Life was but a speck to be wiped out by will,
While it was an enemy's blood that did spill.
Never mind what collateral damage we incurred,
On the sad road to victory we were undeterred.
From heaven the flames of perdition were laid,
The idea of hell on earth is clearly man made.

Even now I can feel as they drink their pain,
Fighting to win with strength always in vain.
This insanity can end with one simple choice,
Though requires a bold and impassioned voice.
Or shall the starving dogs of war take hold,
To break our world in a way fools call bold?

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