Fool's Fog - 2014/04/21

It began with rays of sunlight breaking mist,
Perverting existence in too many ways to list.
Solid and secure our footing is now so shaky,
Even the behavior of allies has turned flaky.
Chaos reigns now regardless of cautious words,
Which create trauma rather than soothing herds.

Faces abound all of them holding a hard grudge,
Not a single mother fucker is willing to budge.
Weapons in hands or on tongues changes nothing,
As its clear that not a one of them is bluffing.
Caught within the tendrils I watch it entranced,
I am another piece of prey that has been lanced.

Blood sputters and spews but the pain persists,
As ropes of your captivity slice into my wrists.
Head in the clouds you barely register reality,
Which amounts to anything less than a fatality.
Free you think you are, yet a new prison awaits,
For fools cannot escape their predestined fates.

I can only hope that misery finds you my friend,
Before I am forced to ardently stand and defend.
Tears of your regret shall fuel my resurrection,
After my universe is cleansed of your infection.
In the end the chaos you create for us will pass,
Though you yourself will never be able to outlast.

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