Sayonara - 2014/04/29

The world around appears to be crumbling,
Petals of poison waft past on the breeze.
Inanimate objects I once believed I loved,
Now appear immune to my loud insane pleas.

What comes next I am no longer able to say,
Words emanate from an orifice I call mouth.
Like you I am simply a ride-share hostage,
Forced to watch the world I know go south.

Screw the circumstances and the miscreants,
For today the world may perish in a flash.
We neither bat an eye nor try to respond,
As one we loved makes his way to the ash.

A piece of what made me whole is now lost,
Cast aloft into a limbo of infinite expanse.
Such emptiness and pain cannot be expressed,
With infantile complaints and vengeful rants.

If you are a kindred spirit then you realize,
Loss is painful regardless of external merit.
If only this life was just a simple tapestry,
Able to be repaired as quickly as we tear it.

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