Harry Harry - 2014/05/23

Harry Harry quite contrary,
Sits alone on his deck today.
Hoping death will soon arrive,
To snatch his miserable life away.

Harry Harry quite optimistic,
Trotting over freshly cut grass.
Desperately seeking any shade,
Though in this sun it cannot last.

Harry Harry quite exhausted,
Always planning for his demise.
He prefers to dream of a future,
Bereft of disappointment and lies.

Harry Harry quite annoyed,
It is noon and life ebbs on.
Heaven's greeting will feel forced,
As half the day is apparently gone.

Harry Harry quite content,
Passed out because of heat.
His quest slowly nears its end,
For his tenacity cannot be beat.

Harry Harry quite overjoyed,
He is dying one day at a time.
But really how does that differ,
From anybody enjoying this rhyme?