Ruse of the Fuse - 2015/11/17

Weapons ready,
They search for the kill.
Always hunting,
Unable to get their fill.

Dancing angels,
Filling the heads of pins.
Their propaganda,
Will soon fill all the bins.

Compass awry,
All directions are wrong.
Lies placate,
But they won't last long.

They had money,
Gave it all to very few.
No rallying cry,
Except to yell fuck you.

As the dust,
The wind will erase it.
As a story,
Survivors will spill it.

For a time,
You too can simply ignore.
The sickness,
That consumes this our whore.


Neutrality Undone - 2015/02/27

The beast is cut down right before their eyes
Howling harshly with such unexpected surprise
Before its last gasp they claim it was weeping
Blood tainting ground into which it was seeping

Villagers come out of hiding and their trance
Upon the beasts corpse they begin their dance
Utensils are brandished as their greed ignites
The wise keep their children from these sights

Yet their homicidal rage has not been quenched
For in the blood of the beast they are drenched
They begin to speak in tongues primal and alive
Yet the moment of true victory has yet to arrive

For the beast only slumbers tending to its pain
Its death is an illusion that it chose to feign
Below the surface biology fights hard to repair
So the beast can again rule over all that is fair

Burn the body and deface it with whatever you got
Lest you be subjected again to misery it wrought
Locate and silence all its acolytes and mourners
Scatter the dismembered limbs to the four corners

Do not let your guard down while the battle rages
Never assume it can be contained within our cages
It lives on another plane of existence altogether
Where it shall always scheme to enslave us forever


Suits - 2015/01/22

These are the creatures that tell the lies,
How easy it is to see through their disguise.
Voices flutter like a thousand doves in flight,
Who wisely flee the long and unrelenting night.

Flames in the distance provide a beacon to see,
Of a spreading chaos that could soon engulf me.
Addiction is the only reason that I still remain,
My schadenfreude is watching ignorance meet pain.

These hands I once thought capable hold naught,
My mind wonders if this is the destiny I wrought.
I have lived a thousand lives which are not real,
Yet this is the only one that forces me to kneel.

Open your eyes, behold the silver tongued devil,
Promises are junk bonds not issued on the level.
Cash them in and all shall blow away like dust,
Words of the nasty tricksters engender no trust.

When warned of spreading plague they just smirk,
Dealing with problems is too much like real work.
Instead an army of locusts hastens its approach,
As the fools in charge are beyond any reproach.