Terminal Velocity - 2016/03/31

Like a meteor falling to earth,
Things were speeding right along.
Until one day it crash landed,
Proving that everything was wrong.

Now it sits smoldering and still,
Microbes aboard fishing for blame.
As the alien atmosphere kills them,
They play their petty little game.

Why has progress ground to a halt?
Who here will provide an explanation?
Be wary of whatever fool points out,
Reality has returned from its vacation.

Onlookers laugh for they see truth,
While the crew tells only more lies.
As they have no incentive to view it,
Through two eternally rose tinted eyes.

A few insiders cry themselves to sleep,
As they have suffered the cruelest fate.
For reputations have been quite marred by,
Association with these hopeless reprobates.

Yet hope springs eternal on the horizon,
Perhaps a few of them may survive a trek.
That takes them to someplace a bit better,
Than the combustible remains of this wreck.


Tunnel Vision - 2016/03/30

They opened up his eyes,
Forcing them to receive.
There was no off switch,
Lest one he could perceive.

Howling cries filled the air,
Yet he was a man on a mission.
Fighting for an idea of victory,
That was merely another submission.

All those goals loomed closer,
While the outside world crumbled.
He cheered each and every success,
Even as all those around so tumbled.

Alas when it was all over,
He looked around at his domain.
Realizing there was nothing to rule,
Except servants of emptiness and pain.


No Offense Taken - 2016/03/13

I've lived the tale of my life,
Through a lens quite shattered.
Although things radiate success,
Kudos leave me less than flattered.

For below the surface lies truth,
Suspended upon a foundation of lies.
It all precariously remains intact,
Despite a cavalcade of repeated whys.

Once I went diving on a casual day,
Never to return to myself thereafter.
For that sightseeing tour unearthed,
Facts I shall carry to the hereafter.

Blind was I yet my eyes have opened,
To a life where I'm not just groping.
This time I vow to remember and feel,
The past which with I've been coping.

Trouble me no more your smile will,
For offensives of old are rhetorical.
I have become one with the present,
As well as the forgotten historical.


Self Sabotage - 2016/03/09

I howled into the night,
The night returned the favor.

I cursed all those I knew,
Ran out of moments to savor.

I sabotaged the foundation,
Our world collapsed on my head.

I plotted many assassinations,
Only for myself to end up dead.

I searched for a scapegoat,
Discovering only a broken mirror.

I now stare into the abyss,
Denying what could not be clearer.