No Offense Taken - 2016/03/13

I've lived the tale of my life,
Through a lens quite shattered.
Although things radiate success,
Kudos leave me less than flattered.

For below the surface lies truth,
Suspended upon a foundation of lies.
It all precariously remains intact,
Despite a cavalcade of repeated whys.

Once I went diving on a casual day,
Never to return to myself thereafter.
For that sightseeing tour unearthed,
Facts I shall carry to the hereafter.

Blind was I yet my eyes have opened,
To a life where I'm not just groping.
This time I vow to remember and feel,
The past which with I've been coping.

Trouble me no more your smile will,
For offensives of old are rhetorical.
I have become one with the present,
As well as the forgotten historical.

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