Compatriots in Hell - 2016/04/26

Whores wait in the wings,
Taking cash from all who offer.
They won't save themselves.

Police on the ground,
Dead no matter what they proffer.
They won't stop themselves.

Together they clash,
Embracing endless coffers.
They can't pay themselves.

Apart they shall fail,
No thanks to all the scoffers.
Who can't mute themselves.

All will face their death,
After drinking poisoned wells.
Murdered by themselves.


Vicariously - 2016/04/25

Today all has changed,
Yet still exactly the same.
Hope has entrapped me.

Tomorrow comes soon,
Next round of the pointless game.
Fear dismantles glee.

Yesterday is gone.
But not memory of flame.
Drowning in cold sea.

Hark! Where is hope now?
It is dead and I shall blame.
Servant of woe, me.

Next step considered,
So I now claim a new name.


Golem - 2016/04/21

Power in my head,
Drives illusions that should be dead.
Malice in my mind,
Infects every bit of solace I do find.
Fire in my bark,
Exposes monsters lurking in the dark.
Pain in my words,
Makes me an outcast of mainline herds.
Truth in the rage,
Forces me to keep on turning the page.
Crutches en masse,
Ensures this tantrum will not be my last.
Third eye blind,
Weaves these chains which expertly bind.
Heartless master,
Embraces me as his ever favored bastard.


Fuming on Fumes - 2016/04/17

Stuck in the middle of the road,
While assaults rage on every side.
Which way to choose if any at all,
Nobody is sure what he will decide.

Jeers emerge from all their lips,
Cruelty knows no boundaries here.
Rather than offer logical reasons,
They just prefer a strategy of fear.

There is no argument to be won,
Cause discussion was just pretense.
The longer this mad fraud persists,
Their madness gets even more intense.

Bound and gagged, unable to move,
Still they'd kill for his position.
Ever willing to both help and hurt,
As they care not for his condition.

Why afford him any real humanity,
He is a prop and a trinket for fun.
To be disposed of quite callously,
When they find out that he is done.


King Cannibal - 2016/04/06

Twas a revolt in the courtyard today,
Where peasants began to act like rabble.
Promptly the King issued official orders,
Their tongues were cut to stop the babble.

Yet whispers persisted among the elite,
That this was the beginning of the end.
Then began the war against which no army,
Could ever hope to successfully defend.

The King went mad trying to end dissent,
While the people cheerfully plotted treason.
For this was now an age of terrible chaos,
Outside the boundaries of logical reason.

With each decapitation the game changed,
There was no longer room for compromise.
Instead the void was filled with mercs,
Hunting and executing so-called "spies".

This kingdom of power has been reduced.
Now merely a shadow of its former self.
For waging war on their greatest asset,
Proved to be hazardous to their health.


We, Me, Flee - 2016/04/03

We patiently wait for the hope to arrive,
Biding our time focusing on how to survive.

We longingly gaze at a distant horizon,
Distracted by the storms of our own devising.

We focus entirely on the destination,
Placing the journey itself beyond consideration.

We battle with weapons, primitive sticks,
Gossiping to others instead of taking our licks.

We may succeed separately but fail as a whole,
While the shysters refuse to pursue a shared goal.

We believe each of us alone would be great,
So why then do most of us live only to masturbate?

We speak as if we were adults with real sense,
Yet those who know our heart see false pretense.

We are a group desperately seeking a leader,
Instead of a placating fool and corporate bleater.

We dream of a better world each and every day,
Willing to help until the project gets in the way.

We will expire and the world will refuse to cry,
For something this wretched needed to fucking die.