Fuming on Fumes - 2016/04/17

Stuck in the middle of the road,
While assaults rage on every side.
Which way to choose if any at all,
Nobody is sure what he will decide.

Jeers emerge from all their lips,
Cruelty knows no boundaries here.
Rather than offer logical reasons,
They just prefer a strategy of fear.

There is no argument to be won,
Cause discussion was just pretense.
The longer this mad fraud persists,
Their madness gets even more intense.

Bound and gagged, unable to move,
Still they'd kill for his position.
Ever willing to both help and hurt,
As they care not for his condition.

Why afford him any real humanity,
He is a prop and a trinket for fun.
To be disposed of quite callously,
When they find out that he is done.

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