King Cannibal - 2016/04/06

Twas a revolt in the courtyard today,
Where peasants began to act like rabble.
Promptly the King issued official orders,
Their tongues were cut to stop the babble.

Yet whispers persisted among the elite,
That this was the beginning of the end.
Then began the war against which no army,
Could ever hope to successfully defend.

The King went mad trying to end dissent,
While the people cheerfully plotted treason.
For this was now an age of terrible chaos,
Outside the boundaries of logical reason.

With each decapitation the game changed,
There was no longer room for compromise.
Instead the void was filled with mercs,
Hunting and executing so-called "spies".

This kingdom of power has been reduced.
Now merely a shadow of its former self.
For waging war on their greatest asset,
Proved to be hazardous to their health.

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