We, Me, Flee - 2016/04/03

We patiently wait for the hope to arrive,
Biding our time focusing on how to survive.

We longingly gaze at a distant horizon,
Distracted by the storms of our own devising.

We focus entirely on the destination,
Placing the journey itself beyond consideration.

We battle with weapons, primitive sticks,
Gossiping to others instead of taking our licks.

We may succeed separately but fail as a whole,
While the shysters refuse to pursue a shared goal.

We believe each of us alone would be great,
So why then do most of us live only to masturbate?

We speak as if we were adults with real sense,
Yet those who know our heart see false pretense.

We are a group desperately seeking a leader,
Instead of a placating fool and corporate bleater.

We dream of a better world each and every day,
Willing to help until the project gets in the way.

We will expire and the world will refuse to cry,
For something this wretched needed to fucking die.

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