What Lurks Beneath - 2016/05/15

Grasp your hands and circle round the ash,
Smoldering remains of those who did clash.
Raise your eyes and look for something more,
Pray God doesn't tell us your mum is a whore.
Nobody is safe, not from the rueful light,
Where power is in volume not who is right.

Quoting laws and rules is a pointless act,
As everybody is anonymous, that is a fact.
Dox fools and spay combatants with skill,
Nothing is past consideration for the kill.
Go home crying or better yet just bleed out,
The more public, the more it enhances clout.

Serious business is a facade pushed by cunts,
Self described policemen are the hungry runts.
Welcome to the world of the freed and cruel,
Where only a public sacrifice shall now rule.
Enjoy your new existence cowering in shame,
For notoriety is not a substitute for fame.

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